"Since 1989, the Portugal avant garde ensemble Osso Exótico have created a stunning body of work. Current members are André Maranha, David Maranha and Patricia Machás, but besides the recordings, very little historical information can be found about the group. Rather, the music speaks for itself. Percussionist Z’EV, who has spent the better part of 40 years finding ways to coax sound out of material, and then creating a mystic cacaphony out of it, also uses sound as communication. Together, this grouping produces quite a statement, as sound becomes something unexplained by words, yet shared as an experience. Here, long stretches of rhythmic and bubbling organ are matched by large bass drum patterns that culminate in an expansive psychedelic pool of sound. This isn’t glassine drone music. It spews the grit of Tony Conrad and the trance of Terry Riley, while radiating the experience of a sweat lodge in a behemoth explosion of tribal minimalism; only digressing for a segment of spatial hums and large frequencies rubbed from the surfaces of metal, before it dives back into oblivion. With no sound processing, the result is a highly natural, grossly enigmatic, and deeply energized recording. The power is yours for the taking. Released in an edition of 500 and packaged in an offset printed chipboard envelope. Born in 1969, david maranha, started his work in music in 1986, both solo and with the group osso exótico from whom is founder. Plays and releases his music on a regular basis in Europe and in the USA, since then. His late works, using traditional or classical instruments sometimes modified, focuses on small variations of harmonics and overtones, on the opposite of scientific, more in a ritualistic approach. He also develops his own projects as architect since 1993, such as schools, museums, hospitals and cemeteries.". Os Osso Exótico, fazem uma performance em Serralves no próximo Sabado. Infelizmente, vou ter a visita de duas pessoas muito especiais para jantar em minha casa. Por isso, fico pelo You Tube e com a colaboração do Blog, “Discos com Sono”, com o Osso Exótico II (Cargo, 1991)

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