Alas! That we were doomed to be deprived of our bliss
Dead and risen from the grave before our first kiss
I waited for you to stop gouging my eyes
Instead of bombarding me with your kitchen knives
Don't you know you were the only dead girl I could see
Who might have given some o' that affection back to me
Something more than ghastly curses vividly spoken
Or joints and appendages left twisted and broken
Darling, I could never blame you for all those mistakes-
You were just accident-prone when you handled those poisonous snakes
There was an impostor who wrote those hate letters, I know
Trying to dissuade me from loving you so
Why is my mask lifted only after the burns have been dealt
No longer able to ignore the infections you gave me, so heartfelt
I guess it was destiny that you should gain while I should lose
Playing those stupid games where I always end up killed by you
Thrashed my house yesterday; it left me with something to do
Still thinking we could have been something, if you wanted us to
I won't point any fingers when demons ask what happened to my guts
I tried my best, have no regrets, except maybe loving you too much
Lenore, we both know our love was never one of reason
But even in death, please don't forget me- I might come back for you next season
The question still remains of how I let you make me feel this way
Men weren't meant to kill themselves on Valentine's Day

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