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The underground music magazine, Bad Acid, has just released TAB 10 which will be their last issue ever. As a bonus, this will be a triple Burnout issue featuring Tab 10, 11 and 12. This triple issue also includes 160 screen color PDF, 300+ bands, 40+ hour audio compilation, 4 hour DVD, 108 minute bonus MP4 video footage, label profiles and samples. Even includes interviews with Expo 70, Alice Donut, Moonjellies and many more. The magazine began in 1998 by promoting heavy psychedelic music - space rock, stoner, noise, drone, doom and acid garage rock. Bands that have been featured in this magazine include some of the Northwest's very own - Black Breath, Mangled Bohemians, Sky Cries Mary and Moodring.But not to worry, you do not have miss Bad Acid for too long. As of today, it has transitioned into its own podcast. Click here to listen to Bad Acid's first ever podcast.