We had the opportunity to make a small interview with Komet Lulu and Sula Bassan from Electric Moon. This is my gift to you in this 2010 Christmas. Enjoy.
Why Electric Moon? Komet Lulu: I urged Dave (Sula Bassana) to make music with me. So we invited Bernie (Pablo Carneval) to jam a little around with us. He came, we jammed and the effect was so stunning for us (most of the Lunatics album are pieces from our  first jams) that we jump-started this project. The name… Well… We created a myspace account and we wondered about a band name. We searched around in our heads until Dave said: "What about your email address. electric.moon@...?! It would be a cool band name!". I agreed and that's it! The time and the place were just fate! The whole thing is fate because it was magic from the first beat we played together.  Sula Bassana: Yes, that's all! It's only magic!
Are you a part of a growing scene across Europe. Do you think that German bands have a special responsibility in this growth?
Komet Lulu: I don't know! Maybe some kind of "special place" with that Krautrock-thing. The most important is to create something new. To make music that is natural. There are so unbelievable many new bands and many of them are just copies. There are many bands who try to sound like Colour Haze, for example.  Sula Bassana: We like to play live. But it becomes harder to get paid gigs year by year! What is growing? There are much more bands around but that depends in cheaper instruments and recording equipment. The only thing that really grows is the size of the Roadburn Festival!
 Is there an established circuit for this kind of music in Germany? Komet Lulu: We want to play as many gigs as possible! Seemingly, we found a new drummer and maybe we will start a little German-tour with Vibravoid next year. We'll see. If there's a chance, we would like to play everywhere. Sula Bassana: Yep! And with Seven That Spells and with Tracker.
You had a chance at the Duna Jam, 2010. How did this happen? Komet Lulu: Well, we told the operator, we wanted to play there so he agreed. It's a great thing to play and to be there - it's really magic!!! Have to check it out!!! Sula Bassana: Yep!
Are you surprised for the reaction this album had? I´ve found several excellent reviews on the album. Mostly German, Dutch or Finnish. Komet Lulu: We were just happy! Well, we have "customers" in the UK and in USA and also we're played in radio shows in these countries. Sula Bassana: The album became album of the week in the english Starship Overflow radioshow and got some airplay! And we had a CD-Sampler appearance in the english Classic Rock Magazine! This is not too bad!
I found an American and English flavor. Are these references in the making of the album? Komet Lulu: No, not really... Our reference is: the connection between us three. Sula Bassana: Everything is an influence! Especially when you are listening to good music many times. But for our music counts only the moment! The mood is the deepest inspiration. And that's true: We are really connected!
Hotel Hell. Why Eric Burdon & the Animals? Are you working in other covers? Komet Lulu: I love this song and wanted absolutely to cover this song! Maybe we'll cover another 60s song one day. Sula Bassana: I want to cover Symphony no.7 (part 3) by Beethoven!
Will we hear more Vocals in future songs? Komet Lulu: As the case may be... I wrote tons of lyrics and in the future, I’ll try to join them our music. Sula Bassana: That would be coooooool!

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