Cada dia que passa faz mais sentido ouvir os Cramps. Talvez a nostalgia vá tomando conta quanto mais chega o dia em que passam dois anos sobre a saida de palco de Lux Interior. Hoje senti o apelo do Wighat porque "....some things come and some things have gone...".

"Now I may be showing my naivety here but I have to confess that I haven't got a fucking clue what The Call of the Wighat is about. At a guess, I'd say its about insecurity and the stupid things that insecurity makes people do. But I get the feeling I'm probably wrong. This song, I suspect, is solely intended to give you that feeling: they know something that you don't. I mean just look at these lyrics: "How do you keep a moron in wighat suspense? / I'll tell you that later, but first I'll tell you this...". Truly this song is a lyrical feast. Its got everything from the brutal ("My momma had twin babies on one sweet summer day / She beat one in the head and I'm the one that got away") to the just plain ridiculous ("My grand jumping catfish do the limbo on my face / But no-one seems to notice when my wighat is in place"). There's even more subconscious invoking of primal deities ("HU!") thrown in for good measure. And a delicious humour throughout. As for the music, its completely out of this world. Its got a drum sound that I absolutely adore, primitive and hypnotic, dusty. And such a punk ethos (which all of this music has): its just one endless, trance-inducing chord all the way..." Julian Cope, Headheritage, Smell of Female Review

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