(Gew - Gaw )
"Hello to everyone! Until middle 90’s, here in Greece there were no magazines dedicated to the new psychedelic scene, except from some stray references in some more underground magazines (Psychachogos, Veluria’s Home, Merlin’s Music Box, Mary Jane etc.) This is one of the reasons that the publication of gew-gaw was decided. gew–gaw’s first issue was released in late of 1995. Until 2000 there will follow 8 issues in greek whose pages, tapes, cds distributions, that the people of gew-gaw had taken over, helped the greek audience to become familiar with bands like The Smell Of Incense (thanks to Nick Stavroulakis), Fantasyy Factoryy, Quarkspace, Vibravoid, Baby Woodrose, Mandra Gora Lightshow Society, Carrots, Mother Superior, Trip Hill, Cactus Cooper, Tadpoles, Lamp Of The Universe, Brown Nose, etc. In 2000 the circle of the greek issues closes and the first issue in English was ready. There will follow two more until the chapter gew-gaw closes permanently. Five years later, in 2005, the first issue of peace frog is ready, another one follows and by the end of 2010 a new issue is expected to be released. Meanwhile, Nowhere Street Music was created at about 1998 to cover the concerns about discography of the people of gew-gaw. Child of this effort is the debut vinyl album of Voyage Limpid Sound, the compilation cd gew-gaw’ s journey to nowhere street and all the cds that were released either with gew-gaw or with peace frog. That’s all for now!"

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