Julian Cope - February Druidon - "Okay, now I know I rarely review 7” singles, but for the ‘Midnight Cobras’ 7” by New York’s Tonstartssbandht, I just gots to make an exception. Fucking hell, brothers’n’sisters, this is just so raucous and chant heavy, so brutally Garage Glam, so drum & bass led and, therefore, so compelling that I had no other choice than to big up this sucker. Forget getting 25 people in a VW, these druids stuck those same 25 in a five-foot-square vocal booth and made’em sound like 200! What a racket indeed; sounds like SLADE ALIVE if it had been committed to tape during a military coup, sheesh! Released on the Canadian Psychic Handshake label (, ‘Midnight Cobras’ is such an essential addition to your vinyl collection you could even chuck out a few of your lesser garage seven inches to make room; this over-achiever has just rendered them suckers obsolete. Yowzah!"

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