Se falha um comboio (por greve ou problemas técnico) os seguintes vão carregadinhos de "gado". Especialmente de miúdos que se dirigem para as escolas. Um deles dizia que, nestes dias, preferia ficar em casa. Se todos tivessem o Hank Von Helvete (aka Hertugen, Hertis ou Hank from Hell) como Professor... Nao diriam isso. Palavras sabias: "You need more education, yes!  and I have come to educate you. You can call me professor Denim. And now you go back to Dungaree High... " Turbo Negro, 1998, Darkness Forever : I didn't mean to turn you on; Just wanna dance and sing my song; Clocking in, clocking out; No I don't mind it at all; Me and the danger dudes; Were on the news; So just don't bother to call; It's just a way to stay alive, boy; It's such a trip just to survive; So it's back, back to dungaree high; Just to get by, back to dungaree high; Just a great big boy - With a teeny-weeny alibi; Just a soul on ice; With a mirror and a blade; And a pocket full of mice; Cheap thrills done and the dirt cheap ants; 'cause I got a headache in my pants;

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